A Drop in the Bucket


April 01, 2021 Rebekah and Sarah Season 1 Episode 31
A Drop in the Bucket
Show Notes

This month we had an amazing conversation with the new CEO of Beyond (a mental health charity supporting young people) - Louisa! We hugely appreciated Louisa sharing her story so openly with us, and think she is such an inspiration. We talk about getting through really dark times and why Louisa is so passionate about people getting help as early as possible, and return to one of our favourite topics - mental health in schools! - as we celebrate the amazing schools festival that Beyond ran in February this year. And good news... it's coming back in 2022!

There is obviously a huge need for finding to support these kind of amazing events - if you are able to donate any amount at all please do so at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/now-and-beyond

Trigger warning: all of our episodes contain stories of mental health journeys which could be hard for people to hear, but just to let you know that this one does contain conversations around a suicide attempt and subsequent inpatient admission, so if you need to skip forward, or give this episode a miss for now, do look after yourself. There are no details or anything we don't feel is OK to include, but we know that it's important for us  to let you know. This is an incredibly fun and hopeful episode so if you feel OK to join us, come and listen to our conversation with Louisa.

Beyond - https://wearebeyond.org.uk/
Instagram: @WeAreBey0nd
Twitter: @wearebey0nd

Louisa -
Instagram: @louisanicolerose
Twitter: @lounicolerose