A Drop in the Bucket


March 01, 2022 Rebekah and Sarah Season 1 Episode 42
A Drop in the Bucket
Show Notes

This month we have one of those 'Why haven't we ever thought about this before????' moments with Dr Helena Tucker, a Clinical Psychologist and menstrual cycle specialist. We talk about how we are socialised to think about menstruation and the effects it has on our bodies, how we then end up thinking and talking about hormonal changes when we're adults, and the power that it's possible to utilise if we understand our cycles.
If you don't menstruate THIS IS STILL FOR YOU. One of the problems is that we don't teach this stuff to EVERYONE and so we all end up not knowing enough. 
Helena was so much fun to talk to, so - depending on where you are in your cycle! - join us on a walk or snuggled up under a blanket!

Website: https://drhelenatucker.com/
Instagram: @dr.helenatucker
Helena's free guide: https://programs.drhelenatucker.com/guide

In the Flo: https://intheflobook.com/
The Red School: https://www.redschool.net/